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Astragalus Powder

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    Apex Biotech Ltd, is located in Xian Hi-tech Industrial Development Zone, specializes in the extraction and separation of natural botanical bioactive constituents as well as R&D,manufacturing, sales and the import & export of standardized natural extracts.
    Apex focuses on the development and application of new products and new technology.Relying on an experienced technical team and state of the art experimental equipments,Apex also provides ODM, OEM, and Contract manufacturing services as per customers' requirements.Currently Apex's main products include Milk Thistle Extract Silymarin Silybin, Ginger Extract Gingerols,Soy Isoflavone, Paeoniflorin, Salvanic acid, Tanshinol, Tanshinone, Salvianolic acid B, and Purearia Isoflavone, as well as a variety of other herbal extracts.

    Apex's laboratory is equipped with advanced HPLC, GC, UV, and TLC detection devices and a microbiology laboratory, ensuring superior quality products and the finest services.

    Apex's factory is situated in Xuzhuang in Dali county, Shaanxi province, which has been redesigned in accordance with the rules of GMP and built as a modern factory.

    Apex's Planting Base

    APEX culture

    Core values: People foremost,Responsibility,Unity and Progress.
    Business Belief:Integrity, Innovation, Win markets; Good quality, High efficiency, Serve customers.
    Enterprise vision: Top-grade service, First-class quality, International Brands, World-wide Reputation.
    Slogan: Healthy Products, Beautiful Life!
    Our mission
    1. Master the top-grade Biotechnology in the world, continuous innovation, research the best suitable products for people’s health.
    2. Making every effort to achieve international brand, with high quality products and excellent services to stand on the international market and gain good reputations from customers .
    3. Members’satisfaction, customer’s praise, and recognition of the world as a social returns.
    4. Improving the quality of staff’s life, Increase the sense of accomplishment of the employees of the undertakings.
    5. High efficiency, low power consumption, environmental protection, health, Reciprocate the society.
    Astragalus Powder

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